Seth Kelly


Assistant Fire/Rescue Chief Seth Kelly has been a member of the Rescue Squad since 1999, serving as an emergency medical technician, ambulance driver, firefighter, night crew officer, and certified chief officer in the Montgomery County Integrated Emergency Command Structure. He has been interested in emergency medicine since he was a teenager and has been a volunteer in the EMS/fire/rescue service since 1995. He worked as a professional strategy consultant for more than a decade in the public and private sectors in the areas of healthcare, homeland security, fire and emergency services response and system design, organizational change management, and executive leadership, also stopping along the way to obtain an MBA at the University of Maryland (College Park).

Desiring to continue and advance his interests in emergency medicine (especially prehospital medicine), Assistant Chief Kelly returned to school to become a physician and is currently an emergency medicine resident at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. He hopes to pursue an EMS fellowship after the completion of his residency to become an operational fire/EMS medical director.