Showcasing Some of Our Outstanding & Dedicated Volunteer Members

Laura Heller

Volunteer Profile

Paramedic – The Rescue Squad has been a big part of Laura Heller’s life almost since the day she was born. Her father, Life Member Michael Heller, would take her with him to watch fires and accidents, telling her stories of heroic rescues of the past.

She joined the Rescue Squad in 1993, completed her basic training and moved on to become a paramedic. She also met Tim Long, another Rescue Squad volunteer, and they married in 1996.

In July 2007, Laura and Tim saw the Rescue Squad from an entirely new perspective when Heath, one of their newborn twins, developed trouble breathing. BCC Rescue Squad units responded immediately. The very next day, their two older children and Laura’s sister were injured when a massive tree branch fell on them at Ayrlawn Park near their home in Bethesda. A portion of the tree struck their 2-year old daughter, Reese, in the head, fracturing her skull and lodging into her brain. Laura’s sister suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs. The same Rescue Squad crews responded, stabilizing Reese’s critical injuries and calling for a helicopter to transport her to the trauma center at Children’s Hospital. As Laura flew off with her daughter, she recalls being so thankful that her fellow BCC members were treating her family, knowing they would provide exceptional care.

Today, Reese has recovered from her injuries and all of the children are healthy and active. Both Laura and Tim continue to volunteer their time at the Rescue Squad with a confidence in the Squad’s service to the community that few others can appreciate.