Devera Schoenberg

Board of Director

Devee Schoenberg recently became an Administrative Life Member of the Rescue Squad, having formally joined the Squad in early 2006. Much of the past 10 years was spent in fundraising efforts (e.g., writing many, many grants; helping host a variety of events at the Squad; etc.) to find donors and funds for necessary equipment for our Volunteers. In addition, she is the chairperson of the Development Committee and a member of numerous other Committees at the Squad. In early January 2015, Devee retired after almost 38 years as a research neurologist at NIH. This is Devee’s 5th term as a member of the Board of Directors and she hopes it will be a very productive year.

Devee’s hobbies include playing the piano, gardening, reading, and doing needlework. She also thoroughly enjoys texting answers to “science” questions asked by her almost 10-year-old grandson.