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Volunteer Profiles

Joe Morquecho: Joe joined the Rescue Squad at the age of 19. He grew up in Cabin John and... View Profile

John Bentivoglio: John joined the Rescue Squad in 1989. He became Squad qualified and, in 1991,... View Profile

Christopher Libeau: Christopher joined the Rescue Squad in 2010 after receiving a knock on his... View Profile

Sarah Trigger: Sarah joined the Rescue Squad in 2011. She quickly became and EMT and then an... View Profile

Martha Seeligson: Martha had always been interested in medicine and saw joining BCCRS as a way... View Profile

Udana Torian:  Paramedic / Firefighter - Udana has been a BCCRS member since 2004. She moved... View Profile

Laura Heller: Paramedic - The Rescue Squad has been a big part of Laura Heller’s life almost... View Profile

Keith Stakes: Keith joined BCCRS as a junior member, at the age of 16, while attending... View Profile

Jed Kurry: EMT/Firefighter – During the day, Jed is an engineer. At the Squad, Jed is one... View Profile

Greg Mitchell: EMT/Firefighter – By day, Greg is a satellite communications engineer. He holds... View Profile

Brian Starin: Brian joined BCCRS at the age of 16 as a junior member. He was motivated by... View Profile

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