bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

Used Vehicle Donations

Vehicle Donations for Training:

Used vehicles to Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad allow our fire fighters to practice vehicle extrications to hone their skills and teach new members how to carefully extricate people from vehicles involved in accidents.  Continuous training on donated used vehicles allows our first- responder fire fighters and EMS personnel to be ready for each and every extrication call.  Our Heavy Rescue Squad trucks are involved in many vehicle extrications on our local streets as well as on Interstate 495 and Interstate 270. 

Used vehicle donations are fully tax-deductible under the current IRS regulations based upon their fair market value.

All vehicle donations are acknowledged by our letter to donors and are acceptable to the IRS under the current regulations.

To donate your used vehicle, please contact Tony Veith at 301-652-0077 for details. 

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