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Town of Chevy Chase Donation
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BCCRS would like to thank the Town of Chevy Chase for its incredible generosity in providing the organization with a $60,000 contribution.  This generous donation will be used to nearly complete funding of an ambulance currently under construction.  In July, BCCRS approached the Town requesting support in funding two ambulances.  The Town of Chevy Chase was one of several towns, villages, and special tax entities targeted for funding not only because it is in the Rescue Squad’s first due, but also because the Rescue Squad has a long history of unparalleled service to the Town, and because two Board members and the organization's general counsel currently live there. These residents/volunteers, President Brooke Davies, Treasurer Barbara Bryniarski, and General Counsel John Bentivoglio, spoke on the Squad’s behalf, urging the Town to support the Rescue Squad’s request. While President Davies had initially asked the Town for $280,000 to fund an entire ambulance, the $60,000 was provided until the Town Council can come up with a process to fairly spend the surplus. BCCRS was encouraged to come back and make another request once the Town Council develops such a process and we look forward to the continued dialog with the Town and other entities served by BCCRS.