Ryan Kilboy


Ryan Kilboy joined the Rescue Squad in 2014, became an EMT in 2015, and is an active member on Monday Night Crew. He joined after moving in across the street from the Squad and seeing the digital sign beckoning “Volunteer Now!” daily. As an engineer with no medical experience, Ryan was hoping to give back to the community and try something new, and he hasn’t looked back since. Inspired and encouraged by his fellow night crew members, Ryan joined the board of directors hoping to help bring this awesome volunteer opportunity to others.

Outside of BCCRS, Ryan graduated as a Nuclear Engineer from Purdue University in 2011, worked for a year in Pittsburgh and then found a job he loved working for the Department of Defense in 2012. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in cybersecurity from Johns Hopkins University. He hails from Ohio as does his fiancé and currently lives in Washington, DC.