Showcasing Some of Our Outstanding & Dedicated Volunteer Members

Brian Starin

Volunteer Profile

Brian joined BCCRS at the age of 16 as a junior member. He was motivated by his interest in medicine but, after several years at the Squad, he is finding the fire side of the job even more fascinating.

At the age of 20, Brian and other squad crew members helped rescue an elderly woman from a house fire in Cabin John. As a live-in member of BCCRS, Brian spends at least four nights a week staffing the Rescue Squad truck. During this time, countless hours are spent checking apparatus, cleaning, training, and spending time with fellow volunteers.

Brian graduated from Walter Johnson and now attends Montgomery College while working at Potomac Pizza in Chevy Chase. He likes volunteering at the Squad because it allows him to serve the community while also having fun with fellow volunteers.

The brotherhood aspect of the Squad is important to Brian: “Knowing that every single member of the Squad would pull me out of a fire if I was trapped, or the other way around, is a huge thing for me.”