bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

Fire/Rescue Apparatus
Rescue Squad 741B (“Bravo”)

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad maintains an apparatus refresh program to ensure we remain up-to-date with high quality vehicles.  Rescue Squad 741B served as our front-line heavy rescue squad unit until arrival of our latest acquisition.  Our Bravo rescue squad is a 2002 Spartan Gladiator Rescue chassis supporting a Saulsbury Stainless Steel 21' body. 

The Bravo rescue squad hosts two electric generators, a 45 kW PTO generator and a 20 kW diesel backup.  The electric system powers a comprehensive Amkus HRT extrication toolset including four pre-connected tools.  For greater flexibility, extrication tools — including the jaws of life — are mounted on both sides of the rescue squad.

This unit provides fire fighting, crash response and technical rescue equipment for up to nine fire fighters.

Below is the full vehicle specification:

2002 Spartan Gladiator Rescue long four-door cab

Saulsbury Stainless Steel 21' body.

45 KW PTO generator

20 KW Koehler Diesel generator as a backup

Wilbart Night Scan Light Tower with 4 2000 Watt FRC Focus Lights and 10 body mounted 750 Watt FRC Focus Lights

12,000# capacity Front Winch

30,000# capacity Rear Winch

3,000# capacity Side Winch useable from either side of the squad vehicle.

Complete Amkus HRT package with (4) pre-connected tools.

Paratech Rescue Strut system

Vetter high pressure and low pressure lift bags