bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

BETHESDA APARTMENT FIRE: At 1610 hours on March 3, 2013, RS741B was dispatched for the apartment fire in the 10200 block of Grosvenor Place in North Bethesda. Units arrived on the scene to find nothing evident from a multi-

story residential high rise. RS741B arrived on the scene behind E720 and the squad crew made their way to the reported floor to find a working apartment fire. While Firefighter Takesuye and Firefighter Starin began a primary search of the fire apartment, Firefighter Stakes assisted occupants from neighboring apartments to safety. With the primary searches negative, the squad crew opened up and assisted with extinguishment. Secondary searches were completed as well with negative results and the crew remained on the scene to assist with overhaul. RS741B picked up and returned to service only to be placed on another structure fire assignment within the first due.

RS741B Crew:

DR: MFF Keith Stakes

 OIC: FFIII Joseph Takesuye

AXE: FFII Brian Starin