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Fire in Chevy Chase
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BCCRS units were dispatched to the 3900 block of Woodbine St in Chevy Chase for the house fire. E707 arrived with smoke showing from a 2 story single family dwelling and requested the rapid intervention dispatch bringing M726 to the scene. Units found an exterior fire to the front of the building that had worked its way into the walls of the structure and was extending. The squad, staffed with 9 firefighters, searched the building, controlled utilities, and assisted with opening up and extinguishing the fire. The rescue squad was held on the scene for several hours to assist the on duty fire investigators with the origin and cause. 
RS741B Crew:  Dr: MFF Bowles  OIC: Lt. Warfield  Axe: FFII Robertson  Hook: MFF Kenworthy  Bar: Lt. Ruiz  B2: FFIII Takesuye  B3: FFII Starin  B4: FFII Torian  B5: MFF Stakes
A741B:  Dr: Charlie Moyer  Aid: Jessica Robertson
M726:  Dr: Swab  PMIC: Kauffman