bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

Extrication on 495
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At approximately 1400 hours, RS741 and A726 were alerted with other units to the outer loop of the Capital Beltway prior to Old Georgetown Road for the personal injury collision. RS741 arrived first with 6 firefighters to find a car versus tractor trailer collision. The vehicle was sent into a light-pole, trapping the driver. The squad crew established the Inner Loop command and went to work gaining access. In just over 5 minutes, the driver was freed and all patients were being packaged for transport. A726 assumed care and transported to a local hospital. Units operated for just over 20 minutes. 

RS741 Crew:                                                      A726 Crew:
DR: MFF Finelli                                                   DR: Simpson
OIC: FFIII Takesuye                                            AID: Libeau
AXE: FFII Hussey                                                AA: Riffle
T1: MFF Swerdlow