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EMS Billing

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad (BCCRS) does not charge patients for any of its services – either fire and rescue or emergency medical transport. In 2013, however, Montgomery County passed Bill 17-12, Fire and Rescue Service - Emergency Medical Services - Reimbursement. That law authorizes Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service to seek reimbursement for ambulance transports from private health insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid. The law applies to all ambulance transports, including those performed by BCCRS, using our ambulances and volunteers, in Montgomery County. Thus, a transport by a BCCRS ambulance in Maryland will result in a fee being charged to the patient’s insurance company. No Montgomery County resident should be personally charged. A portion of the ambulance transport fees collected by Montgomery County have been allocated to a grant program administered by the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Rescue Association (MCVFRA), of which BCCRS is a member. Under that program, member departments of MCVFRA are entitled to apply for grants for: fire, rescue and EMS heavy apparatus purchases; facility infrastructure improvements and replacement; training for volunteers; administrative staff support; volunteer recruitment and retention; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); fire, rescue and EMS equipment; volunteer stand-by support; and command, support and canteen vehicles. During calendar year 2014, BCCRS expects to receive approximately $279,000 in funding from this program, of which $229,000 will go directly to the department’s operating and maintenance expenses.

Patients transported by a BCCRS ambulance from a District of Columbia emergency should neither receive a bill nor should their insurance carrier be billed.

Information on how to obtain a copy of an Emergency Medical Services Incident Patient Report.

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