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District of Columbia

BCCRS has an agreement with the DC government which governs how we provide EMS services to DC residents.  Our direct service to residents of, and visitors to, Upper Northwest DC began more than 70 years ago and continues today in cooperation with the DC Fire and EMS Department (DCFEMS).

In order to accommodate our service to DC residents, BCCRS installed special communications equipment in the Watch Office at its headquarters in Bethesda. This equipment allows emergency calls received on our DC emergency line (301-652-1000) to be heard over the PA system throughout the building. As a result, the ambulance crew can begin mobilizing while the dispatcher is taking down the caller’s information. Our communications equipment also includes a direct line to DCFEMS.


When a DC resident calls BCCRS on 301-652-1000 for a medical emergency, BCCRS will send a Basic Life Support ambulance staffed by EMTs to the patient. If our dispatch protocols determine that your emergency requires an additional response, we will request that DCFEMS send a first responder. But, as long as we have an ambulance available, our ambulance will always respond as well.  When the nature of the call may require an Advance Life Support unit staffed with a paramedic, we will notify DCFEMS.  DCFEMS and the BCCRS dispatcher will make a determination as to who will send the paramedic.

Types of Service

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