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Congratulations to Lizzy & Alejandro for Graduating at the Top of their EMT Class
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BCCRS would like to congratulate volunteers Lizzy Connelly and Alejandro Guzman for graduating at the top of their respective EMT classes. Lizzy, a 25-year-old native of Chevy Chase who attended Little Flower and Georgetown 

Visitation High School, joined BCCRS after meeting many former and current first responders in her job as a liaison to regional offices at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. During major emergencies, Lizzy is on the night shift at the National Response Coordination Center, where she prepares briefings for the president and members of the cabinet. During the lulls in action, she says, “the firefighters tell story after story after story.” During one of her first nights at BCCRS after becoming an EMT, Lizzy and her crew ran a dozen calls and their heads never hit their pillows. Now she has some stories of her own to share.

Alejandro, who’s also 25, came to Bethesda from Venezuela at age 9 and attended Tilden Middle School and Walter Johnson High School. He discovered his love for firefighting when he volunteered with the Costa Rican firefighting corps for five years while in college in San Jose, the country’s capital. Upon returning to Bethesda for a job with the Organization of American States, where he’s now a consultant for the Department of Sustainable Development, he ran into a former Walter Johnson teacher who told him how much she enjoyed volunteering at BCCRS. He joined, and after finishing his EMT training he is working on becoming a firefighter here like he was in Costa Rica. While the curriculum is very similar, he said, “the resources available for training here are much better.”