bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

BCCRS SQUAD CREW RESPONDS TO CHEVY CHASE HOUSE FIRE: At 1259 hours on Sunday February 17, units in Montgomery County were dispatched to a house fire on Chatham Road in Chevy Chase. RS741B responded with five firefighters and arrived as the second unit on the scene. The rescue squad crew found smoke coming from the basement and made their way down the interior stairs. BCCRS firefighters found a fire in the utility room of the house and helped to direct the engine company to the fire. The crew conducted a thorough search of the home and removed the basement window bars for egress and ventilation. With the fire out and no victims found, RS741B packed up and returned to service.

 Crew: Driver: Master FF Takesuye

Officer: Master FF Swerdlow

Hook: FFII Starin; Axe

FFIII Dinkelspiel

Bar: Master FF Finelli